Looking to sell your home or property in the coming year? With the recent state of the economy, many individuals and families who are trying to sell their home are running into road blocks.

Many are starting to wonder if their home will actually attract a reliable buyer.

While the economy has taken a slight dip, analysts have reassured those in the housing market, that this will not necessarily result in a dip in home value. Despite this reassuring news, there’s nothing wrong with taking a few precautions, to ensure that your home makes a great first impression to potential buyers. Here are a few tips for sellers looking to sell a home or property. While remodeling can be expensive, it can also determine how fast your home sells, as well as it’s worth, if it sells at all. While remodeling may seem like a bit of a daunting task, you’ll be amazed at how a few simple touches can brighten and revamp a space dramatically. When it comes to ‘staging’ the home, there are two rooms you’ll want to focus on – the bathroom and the kitchen. The bathroom is something that can make or break a tour of the home for buyers, and surprisingly, this crucial first impression is often not determined by anything more than what the buyer sees right away. A lot of sellers and homeowners make the mistake of not even putting a lot of effort into tidying up before potential buyers come by for a tour, thinking they’ll be able to see the home or property for what it is. However, this is nearly impossible to do without a blank slate, somewhere the buyer can see themselves living. Cleaning and tidying up also makes your home look more spacious. Make sure you take the time to clean the bathroom, and the kitchen. These are both areas that buyers want to associate with cleanliness, and it’s crucial to see these rooms like this. You may also find it helpful to spruce up your bathroom a little by replacing your shower curtain. A $10 investment can go a long way. What else can sellers do to guarantee that their home is sold at a price they can get behind? The most crucial thing for anyone trying to sell his or her home, especially in a rocky economic climate, is to enlist the help of a trusted, reputable real estate agent. Real estate agents know exactly how to negotiate with buyers that try to bargain you and your home down for far less than it’s worth, and while the current market is more likely to be in the favor of buyers, a real estate agent can still guarantee that you’ll get a fair price. A real estate agent is the best way to make sure you can negotiate fairly and get what you deserve for the property. Plus, a real estate agent can provide you with other helpful insider tips and advice that will prepare you for tours of your home, as well as the sale. A real estate agent can also handle all of the inquiries and questions you have about the best way to sell your property in the current market. If you have been struggling to find buyers, you may not be marketing your home correctly. We are living in an age, where people depend on their mobile phones for emails and work documents, to get them through the day. If you are not paying attention to changes in marketing trends, this could hamper the sale of your home. Take a virtual tour of your home on camera. Take some extra pictures of the new addition, and put up your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and other websites. You should consider posting advertisements on Craigslist or Google. Gone are the days of simply putting your home's ad in the property section of the Sunday paper. Virtual advertising has produced strong results, when it comes to selling homes.